Ecological Commons, Ecological Markets

with Gregory Landua

How agreements about the public goods generated by ecological commons and private lands can help regenerate our biosphere through business and peer2peer agreements.


Gregory Landua is the co-author of Regenerative Enterprise, a groundbreaking book published in early 2013, and co-creator of the 8-forms of capital framework. Gregory is a regenerative agriculture practitioner, farmer, and serial entrepreneur.  Gregory’s aim is always to keep his hands in the soil while also working on technological and economic solution to heal ecosystems. His work as co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International has helped to grow an ecosystem of businesses and organizations dedicated to expressing the regenerative potential of agriculture in the natural product industry.  Now, as co-founder of Regen Network, Gregory is working to link economic value to ecological regeneration.  Regen Network is a blockchain driven transparency and smart contracting platform designed to facilitate the verification of ecological state and coordinate multi-stakeholder groups to achieve ecological regeneration through smart-ecological contracts.


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