Crowdfunding as Transformation: 

Why Vulnerability is your Greatest Campaign Asset

with Kathleen Minogue

Most people would have you believe that crowdfunding is all about money, but after six years of working on the ground with campaign creators and connecting with thought leaders all across the crowdfunding space, Kathleen Minogue is sure that money is just the icing on the cake. The heart of crowdfunding is community.


In this webinar, Kathleen shares stories of lives transformed by crowdfunding – from the creators who took the leap of asking for support to the backers who placed their faith and money in those creators’ hands to the communities supported by campaigns. She also gives advice and answers questions about avoiding the biggest crowdfunding potholes including what you need to do before you launch that will result in more joy during your campaign and why vulnerability will be your greatest asset on your crowdfunding journey.


This webinar with Kathleen guides you on how to utilize crowdfunding to pull your community closer while gathering the tangible and intangible support you need to bring your dreams to life now and in the future.


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