Education for Regenerators and How to Spread it Fast

with Morag Gamble

We are in a climate and environment emergency. This we know. What now…?


Millions of young people are marching in the streets, terrified about their future and demanding change. In response, already over 500 local governments around the world plus the UK government have declared a state of environment and climate emergency. That represents around 100 million people. Public opinion is shifting.


But what now..?  How are we to live and what type of education do we need? Permaculture is increasingly being recognized as key, at all levels, (even in the halls of government). But we need more permaculture teachers everywhere to teach others and to ripple out a locally-adapted solution.


We have no time to waste. With just 12 years to turn things around, the International Panel on Climate Change calls for ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’.  Swedish activist, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, says we must act as if the ‘house is on fire – because it is!’. We need to take rapid and dramatic action now.


Change is needed in every aspect of our lives and it’s going to take more than changing our sources of energy or even being ‘sustainable’. We need to go beyond sustaining what’s here now, beyond carbon neutral, to:

  • reimagining our everyday lives – living one-planet lives
  • rethinking the way we work
  • embracing the fair share ethic
  • creating practical demonstrations and learning spaces everywhere,
  • protecting wild spaces and biodiversity
  • regenerate nature and earth’s systems.

New movements of non-violent civil disobedience is a disruptive force that is catalysing political change and public awareness. Now we also need a positive education revolution of practical activism to mentor local leaders in the art of permaculture education so we can live well in a post-carbon society.


Young people care about the future. In essence, we all do. The core ethics of permaculture are about caring deeply – earth care, people care, fair share. In this session, Morag explores ways of cultivating permaculture teaching.

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