Ecosocial Design Certificate

 An invitation to redesign your life
& the system to work better for all.

  • Transformative Action Learning
    Education designed to change from the inside out, focusing on the big challenges facing our world today and the tools we can use to address them.

  • Flexible Online Structure 

    Learn anywhere. Study while you work, travel or volunteer. Immerse yourself in a new culture abroad or focus on local projects while receiving a world-class education.

  • Focus on Community
    Small cohorts of inspired changemakers from across the globe, dedicated platforms for conversation and highly engaging webinars from our facilitators all help to build resilient relationships.

Ecosocial Design means actively reorganizing human activity on the planet so that the twin goals of

ecological regeneration and social justice

continue to emerge with ever greater vigor and speed.

Design for a better world

Tools for your empowerment

Our Ecosocial Design Certificate Program is built to help each individual step into their full potential as co-evolutionary change agents. Guided by our facilitators, you will journey with an intimate cohort through a participatory online course, building relationships while exploring how to co-design the new system as our old system breaks down around us. Through this program, you will gain a support system of tools, resources, and an established network to foster a conscious and collaborative community of ecosocial fellows.

  • Eight Online Modules

  • Interactive Forums 

  • Participatory Webinars

  • Small Cohorts

Transformative Action Learning

Individualized pathways for every stage of life

Take the Certificate in Ecosocial Design as a standalone course, or begin your Gaia U journey and prepare for a deep dive program. The ESD is the foundation for all our degree and diploma options, and is included in the price! Find the right program to fit your learning, life and career needs.

  • Diploma in Permaculture Design

  • Diploma in Action for Resilience

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Master of Science

Program Structure

Explore our liberating structure combined with transformative content. Each module is patterned in two-week increments consisting of an online flexible self-study course, a facilitated discussion in forums coupled with participatory webinars every two weeks. Your guide for this course is Gaia U Co-founder and permaculture elder Andrew Langford, with additional facilitation by our team.


Creating Regenerative Livelihoods 1 + 2

How to design our own livelihoods, congruent with ecological and social regeneration, in ways that are good for the planet, good for society and good for ourselves. This course explores how we can generate our own living through creating and developing regenerative enterprises. It includes stories and case studies from prior explorers in the regenerative enterprise field, models and frameworks that describe attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors typical of people who do well at creating enterprises.Topics include new mutualism, income solidarity and raising capital, extending our concept of investment and generating value beyond cash alone to include eight forms of capital.


  • Managing Time, Managing Promises

    Many people are unable to think and act in visionary terms because they are convinced that they neither have the intelligence to do so nor the permission. In this segment, we look at managed, flexible promises – commitments that flow with life’s changes, build trust in relationships, and pave the way for livelihood streams requiring transparent accountability.


  • Learning & Unlearning

    To introduce you to a collection of practical theories about action-oriented, self-directed learning. This knowledge will enable you to assess your current skills through analysis of your story, and re-balance your experiential learning abilities through the design of appropriate experiences and projects.


  • Thinking About Worldviews

    Learn to analyze your own worldview, ready to spot any dissonance or misalignment, consider the origin of your worldview; determine whether and how you need to shift it. Bring the idea of worldviews and changing worldviews into the “big” conversations and discover how worldview affects design.


  • Growing Resilient Communities

    Leading-edge organizational design theories using the field of leadership as the entry point. This element will enable you to move beyond absolute prescriptions for group and organizational designs and learn to appreciate designs that are adapted to the people involved, the work to be done and the technologies on hand.


  • Project & Design Thinking

    The idea that you can become an adept and skilled designer of your own situation/context is a powerful tool of liberation. Actively un/learn how to take charge of everything inside your sphere of influence and make it work for you. Cultivate competence & confidence in project design as a great precursor and ideal preparation for livelihood design.


  • Tracking Your Learning Journey

    Our capacity for leading change efforts are enhanced when we can show that our collective efforts are working. Documenting our own change process enables us to authentically mentor other people to shift their focus towards ecological regeneration and well-being. Learn techniques to create a professional portfolio of your learning journey without disrupting the flow of the adventure.

See What Past Students Have to Say:

“Through this innovative educational process of action learning – mapping my process and documenting my projects – I have been able to deepen the relationship between my inner process
and the work I do in the world.


This is the educational system of the future”

Penny Livingston-Stark

MSc Graduate & Co-Founder, Regenerative Design Institute

“Gaia U supports my work in the field of ecosocial regeneration through a dynamic mentoring system and a thriving global network. I have experienced nothing like it for collaborative learning, integrative design training, and the passionate deepening of our connection to natural systems and each other”

Ethan Roland Soloviev

MSc Graduate & Co-Founder, Terra Genesis International, Appleseed Permaculture

“My studies provided me an amazing journey with a strategic focus on social entrepreneurship and Agro-ecology.  I have grown with the community, benefited from an easy access to expert support and guidance. I have improved my communication, facilitation and networking skill flexes, built a strong support network and optimized my niche in social entrepreneurship and agro-ecological Design.”

Sonita Mbah

MSc Associate & Co-Founder, Better World Cameroon


“Gaia University has been really inspiring! It is empowering me to design a better and healthier lifestyle and learning path, connecting me to a network of like-minded world changers which is absolutely gratifying. I am struck by the level of engagement and meaningful dialogue between the advisers and associates.”


Sheena Shah

International Permaculture Design Graduate & Founder, Harvesting for Good East Africa

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