Designing Productive Meetings & Events

Invitation to join us for the 2021-2022 RC Cohort

Starting October 13th 9AM PST

In this short training we put our attention on improving the effective quality of a range of human-to-human communications. 


The range includes everyday transactions such as those between partners, parents and children, and work colleagues. It extends through family, community and work meetings to more exotic events such as Open Space Conferences (Un-Conferencing), World Cafés, Sociocratic Circles and many more.


The primary goals supported by the DPM&E methods are ‘inserting time to think’ and ‘ensuring equitable participation’. Meeting these goals contradicts the more common tendency of transactions to be dominated by people with the quickest minds, the loudest voices and the highest status.


Almost any type of transaction can benefit from the thoughtful use of these tools and the tools themselves are simple enough to be easily learned and applied by all so that facilitation roles can be readily shared.

This training provides an introduction to some tools derived from Re-Evaluation Counseling. There will be plenty of practice opportunities using the tools including for designing meetings and events. We will see too how these tools can enhance all manner of existing events and decision-making designs, such as Open Space Conferencing, World Café, Sociocracy and so on).


The design strategy is improvisational - that is, whilst sometimes we can draw on pre-mapped arrangements of the meeting & event tools, we will also be learning how to use them to navigate unmapped contexts. Thus, we have a deep flexibility in hand that enables facilitators to adapt processes to what is emerging.


The training has great value as a stand-alone course and the tools can significantly improve day-to-day transactions between people.

It is a prerequisite for joining our upcoming Re-evaluation Counseling Fundamentals training during which we add layers of function to the DPM&E tools in order to further the process of liberating our full, flexible intelligences.


Class rhythm and duration:
5 live 2 hours classes using Zoom.

One class every 2 weeks with 2 hour readings and practical assignments in between classes.

We will meet over 3 months to provide the time for deep integration and plenty of practice.


Previous Gaia U RC Online Fundamentals class attendees are welcome.


For more information on RC, please see the Listening Well website here.

How does this connect to

Re-Evaluation Counselling?

The DPM&E training introduces tools derived from Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC) and provides practice time using these tools. We offer it as a stand-alone module to increase access (for organizers), flexibility, and affordability. It is a prerequisite for joining the RC training and includes an introduction to RC. Please see the progression graphic below:

Sliding Scale Costs

Here's the costs for attending the 3 month Designing Effective Meetings course. The standard rate is our 'break-even' price for running this course. Please attend carefully to any distress around money you have before selecting the price you can afford, and keep in mind the sustainability of our global community. 


Many of us running small projects providing un/learning spaces for world-change actionists think a lot about how to charge for our programs.  The goals are to make them accessible to more people whilst at the same time making us a living. One approach is  to invite people with diverse levels of relative wealth and use a sliding scale. People with higher relative wealth can pay more (paying it forward) to allow people with a lower relative wealth to pay less.


This approach has its challenges, not least of which is that many of us carry deep distresses around wealth and have difficulty in determining where on the scale we may fall. We may feel that we have relatively less wealth than our neighbors while not taking into account our overall steady economy and level of access, or we may carry distress around the idea that projects in general have vast sums of money or we always need to bargain to ‘win’. Learning to do money/wealth differently is a vital part of being able to diversify the community we can support. 


One approach to countering these distresses may be to spend some time feeling into  the wealth, abundance and sufficiency you do have access to. Notice the ways in which you are supported, and have enough. With gratitude for this ‘enoughness’, have a look at the categories below and assess where you fit in. Once you’ve chosen the level you are able to contribute at, click the purchase button to be taken to a checkout page with your chosen commitment.


We’ve also included a  payment plan which would allow you to pay the course off over a period of 3 months.


This approach is both more transparent and complex than business-as-usual. Please bear with us and practice your mindflexing in this experiment.


Designing Productive Meetings & Events

5 Class Course

Please select the appropriate payment level for your income and needs. 

If none of these payment options work for you please email

  • 5 Live Webinar Classes, every 2 weeks over the period of 3 months. Live interaction with peers and facilitators. 

  • Simple, flexible Tools for Facilitation and Participatory Community Building, 
    5 Classes

  • FREE PDF: Designing Productive Meetings & Events
    54 page manual detailing tools and designs

  • Access to our Private Slack channel, 
    Extra support, answers to questions, peer support and organizing practices. 

  • Practice Sessions with your Peers
    Practice sessions with class members. 2 hours per week recommended.

  • Facilitated by Andrew Langford

    Experienced facilitator, teacher of RC, Permaculture and co-founder of Gaia U. 

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