Make the World Imaginative Again

with Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Network 

Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement, shares the research he’s been doing for a forthcoming book on the topic of imagination.  What is it? Why do we need it? What is the current state of health of our collective imagination, and if it is struggling, why might that be?  He will explore why a healthy imagination is vital to our times, the neuroscience of how imagination happens in our brains, and how climate change could be viewed as the greatest failure of imagination in the history of the world.  His talk will explore how we can put imagination, and good ‘what if?’ questions at the heart of our activism, and tell stories from around the world of what that looks like, including the story of the Mexican city which has a ‘Ministry of Imagination’!  Expect a thought-provoking and imagination-stretching session.


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