NoMad Living:

The Story of the Illuminated Elephants

with Jan Svante Vanbart, Author

Although nomadic lifestyles were the way of life for many of our ancestors, this way of living has taken root again over the past decades as individuals working remotely are able to live anywhere in the world. In fact, many of our Gaia University community live as nomads.


Honoring the nomadic way of life, we have invited Jan Svante Vanbart to lead this webinar. He will discuss his life on the road, co-creating a traveling school and theater troupe with 28 children and grownups, exchanging knowledge and culture with indigenous peoples of the Americas.  There will be time for reflection and questions.


Svante is the author of "Vi Drog; Around the Earth with the Generation of 68" and "NO MAD Living: the story of The Illuminated Elephants", recently published in Sweden. He also co-authored "Arco Iris, Arcobaleno and The Rainbow Nation" with Alberto Ruz and "Huehuecoyotl, Roots in the Wind" with other members of the Huehuecoyotl ecovillage in Mexico.

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