Processing Feelings, Grief & Trauma :

An Introduction to Re-Evaluation Counseling Online

with Andrew Langford, co-founder of Gaia University

It is clear to many of us that we now know, more or less, what to do to slow down the climate crisis through eco-social regeneration. A slower moving crisis could allow us a softer, prepared-for and spirited deep-adaptation.


So far there seem to be significant resistances in our collective psyches that interfere with our ability to think flexibly enough to move fast enough. For example maybe we are numb, and feel helplessly stuck. Maybe we feel frightened and paralyzed by grief as we contemplate what could be lost to chaos. Maybe we look at our own histories and those of other people in the world and we see the ancient and modern traumas such as racism, sexism and more and know that these wounds just have to be healed but we have little practical idea how to go about doing our part in that.


Re-evaluation Counseling ( provides the tools and attention we need to work through these limiting dilemmas. Whatever we face, we can rediscover our capacity to think well, to imagine and work zestfully for a near future in which loving connection with all life guides our reorganization as a species. 


Gaia U teaches RC Online - this introduction explains the core of the process and lays out your path to becoming a practitioner and potential teacher of this powerful and proven method for transformation.

Gaia University empowers strategic changemakers through transformational action un/learning programs. 

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