They Can't Tell Us Who to Love:

Queerness, Decolonization and Desire in Liberatory Learning Spaces

with Kate Morales, of As the Crow Flies Design

Queer studies have long investigated how empire manifests on these smallest and most intimate sites of power. In this talk, we will explore some shared desires of queerness and decolonization and how we might apply them to a pedagogy of liberation. How do colonial models of schooling disconnect us from our own desire, embodied learning, loving, and living and how can we learn from queer sensibilities about reclaiming them in the context of radical learning spaces?


Kate Morales is a healing practitioner, artist, radical pedagogy, aspiring farmer and parent-in-community, decolonizing/reindigenizing the most intimate spaces of empire with/in their body, family and home. Kate’s paid work as a graphic recorder, visual facilitator, writer and novice printmaker is to illustrate ideas as they unfold in real time and help the wisdom in a collective be known to itself.  A gender secessionist and in all ways and forever a rebel border crosser, Kate is currently making home on Ohlone territory in Oakland, CA where they are learning how to love well, play capoeira, grow food and be as queer as possible.

Gaia University empowers strategic changemakers through transformational action un/learning programs. 

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